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Investigation Analysis: Shaw Neighborhood Security/Police Officer Shooting

Attention! Red Alert! Red Alert! Their was a shooting in the city of Saint Louis involving a individual and a law enforcement officer. That incident is being swept under the rug by .....EVERYONE! WHY? HERE IT IS!

The incident is being easily displaced as a back story to the Michael Brown incident. The detail of the Shaw neighborhood shooting is being shuffled around, because the media and other interested parties don't want this to be another black eye to the city of Saint Louis. It is easy to dismiss any wrong doings, if the media publicly helps to establish a justification for the incident. NOTICE I SAID INCIDENT and not shooting. Their is a difference and here is why!

While, Sam Dotson, Francis Slay, Hi-Tech Security, Fox 2 News, KSDK and  KPLR-11(another Fox 2 News) focus on the armed subject whom fired upon an off-duty police officer???? They have forgotten one very important detail. He wasn't off duty! This particular officer was working, what is referred to as Secondary Duty (Private Security) for a particular employer for a specific area -VERY IMPORTANT FACTUAL INFORMATION!!!

In fact, Chief Dotson, was quoted by the media, indicating that the officer was outside the security area of his private employer; while still being on the clock working for that private security company. In a nut shell, the officer stopped an individual (citizen) while wearing his police uniform and working security for private employer, outside the private employer contracted area. HMMMM!

I) Can P.O.S.T. Certified Peace Officers in Missouri work as private security and maintain their exercised rights as police officers; when they are working in that said private security capacity?

Answer: No P.O.S.T Peace Officer of Missouri can exercise their duties as a registered (active officer for a police department) police; while working in the capacity of a security officer. The boundaries and restrictions limit the actions of a security officer beyond the scope of their employment, hence jeopardizing the obligations and interfering with duties afforded to them as a police officer.

II) So, did the police officer have the right to stop and detain the individual as a off duty officer. Where does the line cross from off duty to on duty?

Answer: A police officer whom is off duty and sees the commission of a crime can take action. That officer, in civilian attire must make the announcements with credentials, in a loud manor, to the suspected criminals and the people in the surrounding area. If an officer is working as private security that officer can take all legal actions, within the scope of their employers assets and for the better interest of the area.

What they can't do! A Security Officer cannot stop you coming out of a store outside their area of security zone. Regardless if they are a uniformed police officer. That is called a 'Terry Stop' or a 'Stop and Frisk' which is only allowed by active police officers or private security within their area of patrol. For example like Lt. Patrick Hayes comments about stopping black people at Walmart.

III) What are the general facts leading up to the shooting?
Answer: Here are the facts, if anybody interested

1) Did the city police officer fail to follow the correct procedure, if he wanted to stop an individual outside his scope of authority while working as security officer.

Fact A: He was out of his area of private security of patrol and still on their clock.

Fact B: His authority doesn't crossover faintly as Dotson, Slay and Hi-Tech would have the public to believe. Extreme circumstance must be clear and present to allow the crossing of the two areas of employment.

2) Did the officer use his appearance (his uniform) as threat to persuade compliance. When that failed did it become a street fight between two armed individuals. 

Fact C:YES! A Street Fight, between two individuals as an implied mutual combat (loosely given). No true legal authority had been established, regardless if the officer was in uniform. The SCA -Surrendered  Compliance Authority doctrine can be argued, since the individual decided to stop when initially approached by the officer, wearing an authoritative uniform. Nonetheless, this officer didn't have the appropriate authority to conduct/commence a 'Terry Stop' of a private citizen. The action by the officer was outside the realm of his regulated authority while working as a security officer. He was outside his employers security region, Peace Officer Rights had been placed on a moratorium in the exchange for the sake to pursue other financial revenue or endeavors.

IV) So, was the police officer On or Off-duty? 

Answer: He was On duty as a Security Officer but not a police officer; btw, authorized by Slay and Dotson. Keep in mind, the former Board of Police Commissioners prior to the City takeover, regulated security licenses for private security officers and companies. Prior to its dismissal, that same Board /w Slay, had suspended the License of Hi-Tech Security; because, police officers were going beyond the scope of their duty. That incident involved a car chase and crash in the Central West End area and also illegal-ling TOWING CARS.

Think of it this way! You stop at the local Walgreen and buy something. You walk pass the Walgreen security officer on your way out. You get into your car and drive down the street and stop at the local gas station. The next thing you know, that same Walgreen Security officer approaches you and demand to search your purse. He said he has followed you and want to check you for stolen items.

My Question: Would you allow that Walgreen Security Officer to search you or would that situation turn into a physical confrontation?

V) Does it matter that a police officer, while working security, decides to switch hats at his leisure?
Answer: The US Constitution protects the rights of citizens from intrusion upon their privacy. The role of a security officer obligation ends at the borders of the protected assets. A on-duty uniformed officer would have the authority, if called upon to respond and investigate. As long as Mapp vs. Ohio exist for the protected interest of the accused.

VI) If that Police Officer, didn't have the legal standings upon the principles of the law to justify the initial contact (Terry "Stop & Frisk"). Since the incident escalated to a loss of life and death of one of the principle parties involved in the incident.

  • Why hasn't the Attorney Generals Office filed charges! 
  • Why hasn't the NAACP asked for a separate civil rights investigation. 
  • Where are the political leaders that were so eager to stand up for a slam dunk of  a case involving an unarmed man. Where are they?

Answer: It is easier to point the finger at the system when the evidence is clear. It's becomes more difficult to point the finger when the victim is on trial for being a known previous gun felon on house arrest. As far as the investigation, Dotson has referred all questions to Hi-Tech Security. Of course, you know nobody from the AA's office enjoy talking to me! Especially, when I call them out and remind them to uphold the oath of their sworn duty.....LOL,HAHA.... I SAID DOOOTEEE!

Monday, October 13, 2014

US Warship to Remain at Subic Bay During Murder Probe

US Warship to Remain at Subic Bay During Murder Probe:

Is the US military making a turn to domestic violence. Multiple reports of international crimes on military personnel has been on the rise since 2001.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Discussion: The Averted War-Bang! Bang!

    Photography taken by WHISTLERSTL,LLC
The funeral for Mr. Brown is set for August 25, 2014. The list of Who is Who? Along with the magnetism of the camera lights and the opportunity to be heard. The ever so speaking intellectual conversationalist has migrated the folks from around the entertainment political spectrum to the local celebs; whom are distant from the segregated minority communities of Saint Louis.
Even Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's have returned to sound that alarm; to ring that bell. To stand up and confess a war against separatism, racism, unbiased neutralism; while stroking and emerging the ever so happy Catholic (Oppressors) clergy pastorate to the forefront in a call for Justice and Peace..

In Reality!
What type of Justice are they looking for? I say they and have highlighted it to show the separate understanding of whom may be asking for Justice. In the red corner, we have the supporters for Michael Brown. Those supporters want a fair and impartial lynching of the police officer with the appearance of due process. In the blue corner, we have the supporters of Officer Wilson. They want Justice as well, in the manor to support a system of due process they understand culturally, the Police is in most part, are always right. Just as long as the appearance of due process is preserved.
    Photography by WHISTLERSTL, LLC
The referee is a judicial system that allows nails in the thumb of the boxing glove, headbutts and elbow shots; to whomever maintain the appearance and the preservation of due process. The facts are what to do about a potential uprising and revolt, from the generational field hands and house servants. Whom once upon a time, in the words of that Phil Robertson, from the hit show "Duck Dynasty" stated:
 “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them.…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, “˜I tell you what: These doggone white people’””not a word!…They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans believe that the acceptance in not having the ability to change the unfavorable situation; is another form of appeasement with one's position and social and economical status. Mr. Robertson , along with other non minorities believe that the voices being heard in religious praise is about deliverance and peace. In actuality, the hidden truth is about perseverance and for revenge to be set against the enemies of our Lord. The folks singing praise to GOD and chanting "hands up, don't shoot" are two mind settled groups speaking a language that has flown over the heads of the media.

                 COMIC BY WHISTLERSTL, LLC

Here is the message:
'Hands up, don't Shoot' is the verbal surrender to the systematic authority and the universal signal in the minority community. The sub-culture concept is the fundamental understanding in the relationship with the government authority and the police. The people accept, that Mr. Brown wasn't the most modeled citizen coming from the block. It would've been accepted if he was shot at least once for fighting with the police. Certain understanding does exist in the minority community that has been passed down from generation to generation.

IE: Concepts regarding WWBB (Walking While Being Black), DWBB (Driving While Being Black), running from the police and failing to get away, may entitle that officer to a free punch to the face. Why! Because you ran and got caught by a slow white boy! Finally, nobody in the community would argue that if you fight the police and resist arrest, the cop is entitled to shoot you. These arguments are common and accepted in the sub-culture. Right or Wrong, it is what it is!

The flip side to that coin, the police must honor the code of justice. If a bad guys gives up and surrenders, the unspoken code was for the officer to simply rough him up and place him in handcuffs and call EMT. As I explained in my previous article, that kind of thinking is misguided and unrealistic. As a retired police officer, I honored that code and learned how to deescalate my emotions after an encounter with a suspect, until I believed the subject wasn't honoring that unspoken street code.
Now, what happened has came to light with this new breed of young adults, lost in a black hole of systematic democracy of unattainable economic prosperity. The 'Surrender Doctrine' of giving up to the authority has just been thrown out the window. So now, what is being seen are spiritual chants during the day for the struggling black middle class of the realistic inspired black poverty class citizen; seeking to excel in the mainstream of a system. Strategically designed to keep these same people, a slave to the economic principles designed to further maintain the financial prosperity of the controlling class.  Whereas, now we have a separated, disengaged and isolated second group from that same sub-culture, raising a voice of defiance to that same system; which most have been born into a life of indefinite economic sanctions.

This incident has now caused a intellectual pause on the inhabitants of the black community; whom strive to engage in the socially acceptable climate of the mainstreamed values of America. However, at the same time, still to be subjugated to the truths of being a minority in a racially oppressive atmosphere. The phrase 'Hands up! Don't Shoot' is the disdain cry of outrage and mockery; no different from the previous generations singing that old spiritual song of freedom to the promise land. Some hidden meanings in the verses in most of these songs weighed exclusively on allowing 'Our Lord' to ease the burden, not giving into the rage or reacting to the slave masters; by way of giving grace (giving way) to GOD to work it all out. At the same time, culturally being taught to smile and allow the burden to roll down their scared backs, down onto their blistered feet and back up to their crying 'Soul'. (Code word for spiritual thinking).

Today, we have many of those same traditional leaders wanting to get the people; to find GOD and to build up their faith. Same procedures of the past 500 years, the Catholic church and the government controlled media want to get the elders to talk to the youth and have spiritual guidance. (A Coded Message) to have systematic acceptance to the situation that is presented to them; as if it is the only way to handle the societal problems and the police relations in the community.  The commonly used acronym of MPGH (March, Protest and Go Home).

  Photograph taken BY WHISTLERSTL. LLC
I find it interesting, as the world focus on the actions of the police with military weapons. I saw a glimmer in the eyes of a generation that no longer accepts the standards that are being spoon fed down their throats. I saw a community, descendants from slaves stand in front of trained, military minded rifleman, marksman and snipers, armed with the best advanced tactical equipment of this day and age.

I saw these enforces of the truth and justice of the peace, fixate their eyes on a community of African Americans (Black Israelite's)  marching towards them without fear. In the images that I have seen, it was fear in the hearts of the protectors of the system of law and order. Understandably, all were just doing their jobs to protect the State's interest in a bad situation.

The media gives credit to the professionalism of the police officers on the front line for not over reacting to the threats and physical taunting of the rebels. But if you look very closely into their eyes, fear of a deadly revolutionary war was upon their soul.

That war, that agonizing cry for acts of vengeance, rather it lead to a defeat or victory was averted. The Black Revolutionary War for revenge never took place in America, as it was on the verge of an eruption, again! The tragedy of the real truth! All it would've took, is for one of those police officer in that military tactical gear to go Bang! Bang! America, that is too close for comfort and that makes me nervous. Bang! Bang!

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