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US Warship to Remain at Subic Bay During Murder Probe

US Warship to Remain at Subic Bay During Murder Probe:

Is the US military making a turn to domestic violence. Multiple reports of international crimes on military personnel has been on the rise since 2001.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Discussion: The Averted War-Bang! Bang!

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The funeral for Mr. Brown is set for August 25, 2014. The list of Who is Who? Along with the magnetism of the camera lights and the opportunity to be heard. The ever so speaking intellectual conversationalist has migrated the folks from around the entertainment political spectrum to the local celebs; whom are distant from the segregated minority communities of Saint Louis.
Even Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's have returned to sound that alarm; to ring that bell. To stand up and confess a war against separatism, racism, unbiased neutralism; while stroking and emerging the ever so happy Catholic (Oppressors) clergy pastorate to the forefront in a call for Justice and Peace..

In Reality!
What type of Justice are they looking for? I say they and have highlighted it to show the separate understanding of whom may be asking for Justice. In the red corner, we have the supporters for Michael Brown. Those supporters want a fair and impartial lynching of the police officer with the appearance of due process. In the blue corner, we have the supporters of Officer Wilson. They want Justice as well, in the manor to support a system of due process they understand culturally, the Police is in most part, are always right. Just as long as the appearance of due process is preserved.
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The referee is a judicial system that allows nails in the thumb of the boxing glove, headbutts and elbow shots; to whomever maintain the appearance and the preservation of due process. The facts are what to do about a potential uprising and revolt, from the generational field hands and house servants. Whom once upon a time, in the words of that Phil Robertson, from the hit show "Duck Dynasty" stated:
 “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them.…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, “˜I tell you what: These doggone white people’””not a word!…They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans believe that the acceptance in not having the ability to change the unfavorable situation; is another form of appeasement with one's position and social and economical status. Mr. Robertson , along with other non minorities believe that the voices being heard in religious praise is about deliverance and peace. In actuality, the hidden truth is about perseverance and for revenge to be set against the enemies of our Lord. The folks singing praise to GOD and chanting "hands up, don't shoot" are two mind settled groups speaking a language that has flown over the heads of the media.

                 COMIC BY WHISTLERSTL, LLC

Here is the message:
'Hands up, don't Shoot' is the verbal surrender to the systematic authority and the universal signal in the minority community. The sub-culture concept is the fundamental understanding in the relationship with the government authority and the police. The people accept, that Mr. Brown wasn't the most modeled citizen coming from the block. It would've been accepted if he was shot at least once for fighting with the police. Certain understanding does exist in the minority community that has been passed down from generation to generation.

IE: Concepts regarding WWBB (Walking While Being Black), DWBB (Driving While Being Black), running from the police and failing to get away, may entitle that officer to a free punch to the face. Why! Because you ran and got caught by a slow white boy! Finally, nobody in the community would argue that if you fight the police and resist arrest, the cop is entitled to shoot you. These arguments are common and accepted in the sub-culture. Right or Wrong, it is what it is!

The flip side to that coin, the police must honor the code of justice. If a bad guys gives up and surrenders, the unspoken code was for the officer to simply rough him up and place him in handcuffs and call EMT. As I explained in my previous article, that kind of thinking is misguided and unrealistic. As a retired police officer, I honored that code and learned how to deescalate my emotions after an encounter with a suspect, until I believed the subject wasn't honoring that unspoken street code.
Now, what happened has came to light with this new breed of young adults, lost in a black hole of systematic democracy of unattainable economic prosperity. The 'Surrender Doctrine' of giving up to the authority has just been thrown out the window. So now, what is being seen are spiritual chants during the day for the struggling black middle class of the realistic inspired black poverty class citizen; seeking to excel in the mainstream of a system. Strategically designed to keep these same people, a slave to the economic principles designed to further maintain the financial prosperity of the controlling class.  Whereas, now we have a separated, disengaged and isolated second group from that same sub-culture, raising a voice of defiance to that same system; which most have been born into a life of indefinite economic sanctions.

This incident has now caused a intellectual pause on the inhabitants of the black community; whom strive to engage in the socially acceptable climate of the mainstreamed values of America. However, at the same time, still to be subjugated to the truths of being a minority in a racially oppressive atmosphere. The phrase 'Hands up! Don't Shoot' is the disdain cry of outrage and mockery; no different from the previous generations singing that old spiritual song of freedom to the promise land. Some hidden meanings in the verses in most of these songs weighed exclusively on allowing 'Our Lord' to ease the burden, not giving into the rage or reacting to the slave masters; by way of giving grace (giving way) to GOD to work it all out. At the same time, culturally being taught to smile and allow the burden to roll down their scared backs, down onto their blistered feet and back up to their crying 'Soul'. (Code word for spiritual thinking).

Today, we have many of those same traditional leaders wanting to get the people; to find GOD and to build up their faith. Same procedures of the past 500 years, the Catholic church and the government controlled media want to get the elders to talk to the youth and have spiritual guidance. (A Coded Message) to have systematic acceptance to the situation that is presented to them; as if it is the only way to handle the societal problems and the police relations in the community.  The commonly used acronym of MPGH (March, Protest and Go Home).

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I find it interesting, as the world focus on the actions of the police with military weapons. I saw a glimmer in the eyes of a generation that no longer accepts the standards that are being spoon fed down their throats. I saw a community, descendants from slaves stand in front of trained, military minded rifleman, marksman and snipers, armed with the best advanced tactical equipment of this day and age.

I saw these enforces of the truth and justice of the peace, fixate their eyes on a community of African Americans (Black Israelite's)  marching towards them without fear. In the images that I have seen, it was fear in the hearts of the protectors of the system of law and order. Understandably, all were just doing their jobs to protect the State's interest in a bad situation.

The media gives credit to the professionalism of the police officers on the front line for not over reacting to the threats and physical taunting of the rebels. But if you look very closely into their eyes, fear of a deadly revolutionary war was upon their soul.

That war, that agonizing cry for acts of vengeance, rather it lead to a defeat or victory was averted. The Black Revolutionary War for revenge never took place in America, as it was on the verge of an eruption, again! The tragedy of the real truth! All it would've took, is for one of those police officer in that military tactical gear to go Bang! Bang! America, that is too close for comfort and that makes me nervous. Bang! Bang!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Discussion: Investigation Analysis of The Ferguson Shooting Incident

It's August 17, 2014
As we gather in mourning to a homicide of another black male from the hands of a systematic racist system. We must observe the rights and the wrongs of the main characters involved in the situation. First, we must recognize that a life was lost in the manor that is still being reviewed.
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A key point that protesters have argued was that Michael Brown had his hands up upon being shot by the officer. The police has stated that a fight took place at the police car and the officer was struck on the side of the face. The department hasn't released the incident report nor any Garity Statements were revealed regarding the official statement from that Officer. So far the police chief has been trying to establish a probable cause for shooting the unarmed teen. The police officials released a video regarding the shooting victim, engaged in a strong arm robbery at a local store that same day. 

Now here are the facts to be considered:

The incident itself - The police stop!
 1) Was it a reasonable stop? Yes, its a violation to walk in the middle of the street. Did the officer use language that would  entice a verbal response. Yes, that officer violated the ethic codes of verbal abuse from most police department special orders and rules. 

2) At what point did the use force continuum rise for the officer! Some suggest at the instance the officer verbally assaulted the young man. At what point did the actions of the young man escalate to attack/resist or stand his ground against the police officer. (Now this is tricky!) 
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The video released by the police department was an attempt to show the character but also the mentality upon that time frame, to identify Mr. Brown emotions and posture. Was it wrong to release it to the public? I believe it should have been released the same day or next day to squelch some of the riots. Why? We go back to question number two. I believe the young man had a superman complex, as it appears to apparent in the video. To use his size as intimidation as he did to the store clerk. Thus his attitude about being disrespected by this officers already elevated state of mind.. Along with knowing that the police might have been called against him for that robbery. So, the level of aggression in both parties was already high. Now it becomes a battle between two barking dogs. Which dog has the more vicious bite!

3) The actual shooting of the victim:                                              Photograph by
The police department claims that the first shooting happened at the car. What is not clear! Did it happen on the inside or outside of the car? Did the officer attempt to exit the vehicle or did Brown and his associate attack the officer in the car. The police claim, the officer was hit several times in the face, but didn't elaborate the location or area. It's important to show the angle at which bruising might be visible both to the officer and the shooting victim. Unfortunately, the police has had ample time to match the forensic to the story and obscure the evidence to the scene. Was the officers clothing and police car taken and examined as evidence for gun powder residue. No! That officer got back into that same vehicle with the evidence and drove away. 
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If the claims are accurate by witnesses, the victim was already shot as he fled away from the officer. One shot had already been delivered. The firearms training given to most LEO's in gun to shooting deployment. A burst of two or three rounds are always fired off in a series of a pattern to isolate the rounds at the individual. This would explain, the multiple rounds of seven. The first shot was at close quarters, the six other shots were in that control pattern series. Why is this important? As a police officer, we are trained to look at the sights and then the target after deployment of a burst of rounds. Even, after the first shot, if it went down as witnesses claim. The officer has time to evaluate if a burst rounds should be fired. If so, then it might explain that first series. However, the suspect dropping to his knees with his hands up might not explain the second series of rounds. 

This is why the DOJ is conducting a separate autopsy and a forensic review of the body. The entrance to the bullets will show the angle at which the rounds hit the victim, along with the series of the pattern as the projectile markings from the rounds would indicate the position of the officer to Mr. Brown.

4) The Mentality of Deadly Truths
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Michael Brown took a gamble with his safety, based on the systematic society of racism we have in this country. Yes, it is wrong that we, African Americans ( Black Israelite) are treated with hostility by the government, the criminal justice system, the civil justice system and employers. Growing up in these troubled times, we all have been conditioned by our parents, leaders, teachers and even our elected officials rather it be in church or in politics. If you have an encounter by the police , do what they say and don't give them a reason to kill you. Yes, it's not right, but in reality. We live under this enslavement rule of America, designed to maintain certain people under the ruling thumb of indentured servitude to the system of governmental slavery.

Mr. Brown, broke some unfortunate but  important rules that day. This is what he did?

 a) He tried to bark at the wrong dog, whom was also a barking dog. When they engaged, Mr. Brown didn't have his teeth. The other dog had his teeth and bite him causing permanent damage. 

 b) Mr. Brown made a street fighting error, along with society. Society, somehow got the notion that a fight automatically entitles the loser of that altercation to a surrender. In most instances a fight for the citizen usually never escalates to death. The mentality is different when it comes to law enforcement due to the training. If the police engage a person in a physical action it should be to make an arrest. 

The mentality is to engage, bring the suspect under control and then capture with handcuffs/isolation. However, the suspect mentality is to not go to jail, which could mean a worse time or even death in the BOP.  They will fight to the death to escape and even to kill the officer if they get the chance to not be identified. Mr. Brown, wrongfully fought with a police officer whom may have been already elevated to a do or die state of mind. His own SUPERMAN exterior attitude placed him in a no win situation with a King Kong Cop with a high stress attitude. 

c) Mr. Brown made the assumption that this officer would not kill him once he gave up.


I say it like this!!!! 


Most police officers, once the threat level is elevated to a do or die mentality. They will kill you and wait for the trail by jury. This was not to justify any actions that was performed by the police officer/department or to demonize the victim. As a police officer, I personally believed that the officer had tunnel vision and saw red before he even engaged Mr. Brown. I believe if an officer is subjected to patrolling a particular area for a number of years, they will develop and social deviant behavior based on the hostile conditions of his/her area of patrol. That officer came from the Jennings Police Department, whom they have had their community problems with minorities, a predominately African American (Black Israelite) community as well. 

The Errors of the Ferguson Police Department and the Criminal Justice System 

That particular officers patrol area history brings to light the social separatism dysfunction that has allowed that officer to speak and act in an ill manor upon making contact with any citizen that might have performed a minor illegal offense. That's why, the language at which the officer used is important. To evaluate what I call, a logical hypothesis still in the workings, Public Service Anxiety Disorder (PSAD).   A condition in which public workers in high stress occupations, begin to disassociate themselves as apart of the society in which they provide a service: to the point that the employee or service worker develops a hatred of that same society. However, they become addicted to that occupation as part of their identity and they develop their own ideas of how that occupation should be operated or played out. In most part they begin to shift their role in changing the true nature of the service occupation. From it being a position of servitude to an personal occupation of ownership of that service. IE: This is My block! This is My Street I Patrol. This is My Neighborhood and not your neighborhood.

This is no way an excuse, but it's another way to show that both characters of these men were flawed and when you have that clashing of the two. The results is usually deadly in the end. This concludes our conversation of Sunday's Discussion. Take care of each other and be safe!

Note: I am not a doctor nor do I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I am just a veteran and a retired police beat. officer.

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