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The Russia Activity Thing: A Nothing Burger My #%@

People keep asking for the evidence about Trump about his activity, his people and how it pertains to Russia. They state: "show me the proof, what thing is there.". Well my fellow citizens! In law enforecement we call this 'clear and present danger' of criminality and suspicious activity of organized persons or groups in a goal to push an agenda to the detriment to the country (United States of America). These are the things that concern me as they should concern us all. To be clear! These alleged incidents, activity of Trump or his associates has not been clearly entered nor disputed in a court of law, but as an investigator it would trouble me. Here it goes!

I don’t know – it’s hard for me to see any U.S. ties to Russia…
except for the Flynn thing
and the Manafort thing
and the Tillerson thing
and the Sessions thing
and the Kushner thing
and the Carter Page thing
and the Roger Stone thing
and the Felix Sater thing
and the Boris Ephsteyn thing 
and the Rosneft thing
and the Gaz…
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SCOTUS! Do We Need It?

So, if the Republicans steal this seat, then we as the people, must decide if the Supreme Court is a necessary place for legal cases to be heard in our perspective Federal Districts. If the people refuse to adhere to the Supreme court rulings; then the power of the Supreme Court doesn't exist.

The law of the land is based on your region? Shouldn't we let those people in their own region determine their own legal structure; where it then will trickle down to local judges and communities. Do we rely too much on the legal institute? Why do we allow aristocrats (rich) people decide upon their own intellectual gatherings of collective idealism; determine how we should live.
Instead shouldn't we of our own right, choose to live without interference; while, giving no harm to any other people, place or thing. If we the people, decide to ignore the SCOTUS; then it shall be what is shall be within our own reality and region. The issues of abortion, marriage, guns rights and any othe…

Trump? Please Convince Me

I haven't heard anyone come up with a logical reasoning as to why I should support Trump. He will not bring jobs back to America; that ship has sailed and new technology as appeared with cheaper labor and production. He can't deport 11 million people without jamming up the legal system in due process of law nor with the current state of law enforcement in this country. The Terry Stop doesn't allow for the asking or reporting of an immigration status; good luck getting that passed in a Democrat controlled Senate. Trumps ideas of stopping ISIS is unrealistic, when he disrespects the Muslims whom are fighting ISIS overseas. 
We can't withdraw our investment to the region financially, because the World Court and United Nations will demand compensation for the War crimes that have been committed by the US in accidental collateral damage in bombings.

He wants to tear up the International Trade Deal as if those other countries will now deal with us for violating a signed agre…

Sunday Discussions

We start this bi-monthly Sunday week with Senator Ted Cruz that stated, the Obama/Clinton policies aren't working. We discuss The prisoner exchange of a POW held in the past five years and does it send a bad message to other quasi-military organizations for negotiations. We have the firing of the VA administrator over the veteran affairs scandal of health coverage benefits to Veterans. 

The Tea Party Senator, Mr. Ted Cruz, started this week by calling the GOP leaders a bunch of grey beards, bowing their heads, too afraid to take a stand and draw a line. The Republican Senator, stated that Secretary Clinton policies for the economy won't help the people that need help the most. He spoke that Hispanics, blacks, poor and single women are suffering over Obama Medical Care Act referred to as Obama Care. Cruz reference to a young lady of an unknown race, coming to him with a big hug, stating that the medical act is hurting her family. She explained to Cruz, she is separated from her …