Monday, April 20, 2015

Marco Rubio: Olivido Sus Bolas

Marco Rubio needs to go back to Florida because honestly "Olivido Sus Bolas" when he came to Washington D.C.

The young Cuban-American GOP, Presidential hopeful has made an unbelievable about face on immigration reform and the path to citizenship to his fellow Cuban, Mexican, Latin, Spanish speaking inspiring citizens and legal citizens at 'la frontera'.

In the news political interview on "Face The Nation" with the great reporter journalist Bob Schieffer. Rubio spoke of a compromised deal being worked out by both Republican and Democrats that both sides would be able to form into a bill to help with immigration reform.

He pointed out that the new bill does three key important task
  1. It modernizes the current legal immigration system
  2. It places the toughest enforcement measures onto illegal immigration
  3. It deals with the issues of those 10-12 million immigrants that are here illegally. 
On of the key arguments is how to handle the illegal immigration status in the way that it doesn't hurt the people and discriminate them from seeking a safer and prosperous life in America. However one principle of the plan will outline a rigorous background check for green card applicants for worker's permit to stay, travel and pay taxes. Secondly, they will not qualify for any federal benefits of any kind including ObamaCare. The immigrants will have to be in that system for ten (10) years before being applying/admitted to the current legal immigration system for a green card. Take a look at his interview:

He has been criticized by democrats (Sen. Rubio) on backing away from his original push on immigration reform; after the GOP started to pressure him. Senator McCaskill stated: "he folded like a cheap shotgun". When he means less family based and more Merit based, reflects those whom have relatives that are illegal must be on a selective program for qualification based on needs of the Country. Forget the old ways of bringing your family over to start a new life, they better have some type of trade to be exploited by the government for taxes.

The young Senator also was quoted by saying later in the unedited version of a 2013 video interview:

(prejudice statement start @ 3:00 time line)
"the fact of the matter that I am not in favor of a housekeeper or landscaper crossing the border illegally, what keeps us up at night is the worry that a terrorist can come across that border one day..."

It will be interesting to see what the Latin, Cuban, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Dominican American citizens think about the first Spanish decedent politico person, regarding his internal racial overtones. In the Black-American community we had to deal with the house Negro versus the Field negro concepts for over 600 hundred years. I am eager to see how this community deals with this "BOY".

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guilty:Not Insane But Still Crazy

A psychologist testified for prosecutors that Routh was not legally insane, but instead had a paranoid disorder made worse by his drink and cannabis abuse.

A Texas jury has found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the murder of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who wrote American Sniper, and his friend Chad Littlefield. The debate of whether soldiers coming home from war battles with PTSD , should face the full extent of the law as it pertains to prosecution of criminal behavior, has just began all over again.

The subject, Routh shot and killed two people as they were attempting to give him support with his PTSD. It was argued by his lawyer that " Routh, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, was under extreme mental distress and was convinced the two men would turn on him on the day of the killing." He pleaded not guilty for reason of insanity.

The judge and the prosecution, although submitted Routh to a psychological exam, the court represented psychologist believed he wasn't insane but is suffering from paranoid disorder. What is paranoid disorder per defined by the American Institute of Mental Health/Disease: It is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspicious and generalized mistrust of others.

Chris Kyle and his friend took a mental patient listed under the wounded warrior project to help give him some guidance on how to deal with his PTSD or mental disorder cited by the United States Army Medical Department. I found it interesting that if the military placed him with prescribed anti-psychotic medication often used for schizophrenia. A mental or a psychological screening and medical background should have been interjected into the testimony from the military doctors. The text messages from Chris Kyle to his friend on the day of the shooting stated " this dude is straight up nuts". 


We must examine what happened and how can this sort of reality can be curbed or stopped. In my opinion here are the mistakes to this entire situation.

  1. Range or Target shooting is NOT a positive or an effective way to deal with paranoid disorder by any means. To bring a crazy person whom is also a trained marksman (military veteran) to go shooting is a bad idea.
  2. The military has done a poor job in treating these young men and women upon their return into civil society. I am a 10 year war veteran and when I decided to seek life elsewhere from the military. I got the boot without so much as a thank you. Finding work and a decent place to live was very challenging since I was on my own. I had known many veterans returning from military service whom just couldn't cope with civilian life. They started drinking and turned to drugs as a solution mechanism. If you add mental health issues from combat and it's addressed but ignored, then are we surprised at this outcome.
  3. A special court system needs to be designated when you have a war weary veteran so that equal due process under these certain conditions could be really considered. 
The judge and jury in this case gave him a sentence to life in prison without parole. The shame comes that we send our young children to fight wars and they return broken. The common factor not explored is that Chris Kyle and Routh both suffered mentally and emotionally while serving our country. Have a profession that requires you to take a life is one thing, but seeking therapeutic shooting at a range to cope with killing people (suspects/enemy/terrorist) is another. 
I agree incarceration is required for this type of crime, but to sentence him life without rehabilitation (without parole) is an injustice to veterans suffering from PTSD. We may find ourselves initiating the draft all over again; if we start exercising the maximum penalty for veterans coming home from defending themselves from  being killed on the battlefield. 
                        As a conspiracy theorist!
Is it possible that all this was just a cover up on the assassination of Chris Kyle. The military doesn't want to alarm the public or the enemy that the infiltrator was apprehended. Why would the defense attorney allow the movie to be aired so close to the trial? The argument would've been made that it goes against his client as prejudicial to have a fair and impartial a jury. Why!  

As a veteran I pray for the family of Chris Kyle and all veterans especially the one's suffering from PTSD and/or mental disorders.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

How America Creates:The Lone Wolf (Law Man)

As America raise war against "religious extremism" and the war against terror and fear overseas. The U.S. Government, the Department of Justice, corrupt politicians along with state/local government officials, legislators, municipal courts, judges, lawyers with the police has sparked a new war.

This war will inherently acquire an infinite numbers of battles that will neither spawn a victor nor a loser. In the contrary it will systematically create the next generation of patriots, revolutionist, agitators, rebels, abolitionist or protesters.

How, one might ask!
The United States Justice System has been overran with greed, corruption and the privilege of the American society. People have been conditioned to take their grievance before a system, that establishes the requirement of a Juris Doctorate or a Law Degree. The Educational system has ignored to implement the basics of the most influential system of the American Government; to the point that the average citizen isn't able to maneuver in the judicial system in order to receive justice.

Why did this happen?

If mainstream politics and the rich can prevent the average citizen from obtaining understanding of the law. The manipulation of the system will eventually lead to the creation of the American Lone Wolf. The U.S. government uses this term to identify the extreme sympathizer whom supports a particular religious organization and/or belief. The definition is only one segment of the identity used to not evaluate the under belly or cause as to why more and more people are being drawn to extremism.

For example: The Justice system locked up so many "Black Panther" members and sympathizers in prison. The prisons became a breeding ground for recruitment by organization to exploit their agenda onto the unsuspecting offender. The "Nation' most famous convert was a man named Malcolm X whom first obtained his knowledge about "oneself" into GOD. Like many number of Black Americans, he was raised under the oppression and abuse of the American agenda of policies not in the benefit of black folks.

Anger, frustration, hardship and pain takes over the conscious mind and psyche. Extreme reactions to negative stimulus, produces a human being whom no longer feel attach or associated with society. Once a man no longer has the desire to live; he will no longer see the happiness of life in his community. Betrayal and self deprecation becomes his reality thus creating the "Lone Wolf" and the path of revenge.

Are we really surprised about the various shooting incidents like the ABB, Kirkwood, Ferguson, New York, and Cincinnati. Are we surprised about colleges, schools and attacks on public officials. Society and the media directs the attention on the end result from human internal explosions expressed by individuals who"flip out" and take matters into their own hand.

In reality most Americans are fearful to admit it, but secretly cheer for the person whom has the guts to go "postal" on the supervisor or on some corrupt judge or cop. However, not being socially acceptable it was a common conclusion in our American West history. The phrase 'some people just need killin'  would receive a community nod; which was directed to the 'Lone Wolf'' that moseyed on into town and became the Law Man.

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