Sunday, April 2, 2017

SCOTUS! Do We Need It?

So, if the Republicans steal this seat, then we as the people, must decide if the Supreme Court is a necessary place for legal cases to be heard in our perspective Federal Districts. If the people refuse to adhere to the Supreme court rulings; then the power of the Supreme Court doesn't exist.

The law of the land is based on your region? Shouldn't we let those people in their own region determine their own legal structure; where it then will trickle down to local judges and communities. Do we rely too much on the legal institute? Why do we allow aristocrats (rich) people decide upon their own intellectual gatherings of collective idealism; determine how we should live.
Instead shouldn't we of our own right, choose to live without interference; while, giving no harm to any other people, place or thing. If we the people, decide to ignore the SCOTUS; then it shall be what is shall be within our own reality and region. The issues of abortion, marriage, guns rights and any other living rights that don't interfere nor hinder other people. These issues shouldn't be directed to a group of people in Washington.

Do we need to resist and stop having the follower mentality and break away from this collective thinking concept of patriotism to the SCOTUS. In the world of 2017! The people have become more equal in many ways. Is it time to start addressing State, local city and community rights. In order to function without interference from lobbyist and special interest groups; to ignore the political manipulators and career politicians like Congressman Lacy Clay. 

Here is the flip side about having a SCOTUS? Eventually Black-Americans were officially in written form, afforded equal protection and human rights under the law of the this land. Under those provisions came the emergence of rights from all perspectives that included women rights, disability, worker's compensation and other rulings guiding the governmental institutions operating in this country. When people say the 'Good Days' I wonder whom are they referring too. I don't think the brothers in the tree had a good time!

The trade off to no longer having a governing legal body to give guidance might sting. However as the past eight years, since an African-American man became the POTUS. This is a truly divided county that might create a unique new perspective of how this country moves forward. An official agreement of defending this country from aggression from both foreign and domestic threats; would eventually unite the country for that one goal. The country  maybe living upon the separation of powers in the recognition of State and local community rights. However, the trade off might be life in peace and a formation like minded people whom just want a peaceful life.

The only MAJOR problem would be law enforcement in the protection of people whom are different. US history has a negative reality when it comes to Western-European descendant Americans (white folks) and how they treat non-Europeans (black & brown folks).

Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump? Please Convince Me

I haven't heard anyone come up with a logical reasoning as to why I should support Trump. He will not bring jobs back to America; that ship has sailed and new technology as appeared with cheaper labor and production. He can't deport 11 million people without jamming up the legal system in due process of law nor with the current state of law enforcement in this country. The Terry Stop doesn't allow for the asking or reporting of an immigration status; good luck getting that passed in a Democrat controlled Senate. Trumps ideas of stopping ISIS is unrealistic, when he disrespects the Muslims whom are fighting ISIS overseas. 

We can't withdraw our investment to the region financially, because the World Court and United Nations will demand compensation for the War crimes that have been committed by the US in accidental collateral damage in bombings.

He wants to tear up the International Trade Deal as if those other countries will now deal with us for
violating a signed agreement under International law. Sorry, in reality we have to work with other nations around the world in order to prosper. If Trump refuses, their goes the support from INTERPOL; whom coincidentally, patrols and monitors the shipping goods of all countries according to the treaty. If we violate that treaty, here come the pirates that will attack our boats and steal our commerce. 

Good luck convincing other countries, whom are currently allowing our NAVY to patrol their waters unmolested voyage and free passage. By the way Trump wants those countries to start paying protection money for our presence; they will simply just refuse to pay and deny our entry to the already established of bases and ambassador buildings in those regions.

Promising on building a wall is more important than focusing on building bridges with South America and/or the other Latin/Spanish speaking countries around the world. Meanwhile, Trump believes that North Korea, will bow down to him as POTUS along with Russia.

During the Cold War we helped slowdown the manufacturing of Nuclear weapons, but now Trump wants the newly formed Asian Alliance (Japan, S. Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) to invest in protecting themselves with nuclear development. How will he deal with China? They are going to file a protest with the Nuclear Security Summit members of 51 delegates, with Russia saying "I told you so, America wants war".

So, please somebody tell me why should I vote for Trump. Please explain to me how this man keeps my family safe for the future and how his actions will make America great.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Discussions

We start this bi-monthly Sunday week with Senator Ted Cruz that stated, the Obama/Clinton policies aren't working. We discuss The prisoner exchange of a POW held in the past five years and does it send a bad message to other quasi-military organizations for negotiations. We have the firing of the VA administrator over the veteran affairs scandal of health coverage benefits to Veterans. 

The Tea Party Senator, Mr. Ted Cruz, started this week by calling the GOP leaders a bunch of grey beards, bowing their heads, too afraid to take a stand and draw a line. The Republican Senator, stated that Secretary Clinton policies for the economy won't help the people that need help the most. He spoke that Hispanics, blacks, poor and single women are suffering over Obama Medical Care Act referred to as Obama Care. Cruz reference to a young lady of an unknown race, coming to him with a big hug, stating that the medical act is hurting her family. She explained to Cruz, she is separated from her husband and have six children. The women said she is working par time in five jobs to make end meet. Cruz referenced that this is what this country should be focusing on helping, to obtain that American dream.

PEANUT OPINION REPLY: Senator Cruz, one could argue that the American dream to get married and have a family and a sustainable future is ideal to the average person. In reality, it cost over five hundred thousand dollars, to have and raise one child in America. The numbers if calculated by (17) years or 204 months divided by 500 Grand, one child will cost $2450 a month for a household, health care, food, utilities, car and gas, education and clothing. A person would have to make at least make over $30,000 a year after taxes to afford one child. Ideally, this women whom decided to have six children at her unknown income level, wasn't prepared for the unexpected life circumstances. To blame politics on a person own decision is just uneconomic and unrealistic. Remember, the debate for taxes was for people whom made over 500 Grand in salary per year; should pay a little more in taxes to compensate society. So, this women's income should be ideally around $ 204,480 after taxes, still underneath the cap for Obama Care and to receive that affordable tax relief.

A prisoner exchange was conducted between the militant army called the Taliban and an American soldier captured during the war in Afghanistan. Republican have moaned but not cry out the President for making the exchange. Mostly they are calling for a Constitutional balk made by the President for not seeking a consensus with Congress for the prisoner exchange. The POTUS has to confer with congress for 30 days in advance before an exchange of prisoners between warring nations; unless circumstances of the prisoner release is detrimental to the health of the POW. The POTUS, can make the exchange without the notification of Congress. President Obama, sought out the Department of Defense and Justice Department, before making the deal. Senator,Ted Cruz says it sends a wrong message to other militant organizations of the price to exchange prisoners from terrorist organization. What do you think?

PEANUT OPINION REPLY: War is war and in today's world, the concept of a singular country declaring war isn't ideal nor the luxury of identifying the enemy. Weapon technology and personal conflict has allowed groups of people to declare personal war against the United States and its Allies. The Taliban is one of many of those well armed groups, that utilize guerrilla warfare tactics to impose their issues and declare war. Regardless of the country these organizations may fortify or hold position, to ignore a group whose attacks has caused for a military response; they should be perceived as a military organization and treated as such. In that regard, in the history of the tradition of the United States, to leave a soldier behind would've been unacceptable. As all military agreements in the past war conflicts rather it is Germany of WWII or the Taliban of 911. The exchange of POW has always been a mutual benefit to both sides of the warring parties, in the efforts to bring their country men/women home.
The President accepted the resignation of the VA top Administrator over the health care coverage/uproar for wounded or ill veterans waiting for treatment. It stems from a veteran, whom was delayed coverage, that passed away awaiting to receive that medical care in Arizona. After the investigation it was revealed, cover ups, corruption and systematic management integrity, were the backbone to some of the problems. The retired multiple Army Star General with the three bronze star medalist and wounded war veteran stepped down. The republican cheered as they were able to force the resignation of yet another Obama select.

PEANUT OPINION: The problems of the VA Hospitals and its medical system, has long been a not so spoken problem for every Senator, in every State. As long as they were receiving the allocated funding from the federal government to operate. The shortage of medical staff, patient post war/service care from physical wounds to mental illness, as in post traumatic stress disorders or PTSD, all have been swept under the rug for generations, both on the Democratic and Republican aisle of Congress. As a veteran, myself, the problem isn't to simply swap out the head of the administration, as to a band-aid to a open sucking chest wound. The problem must be uprooted and treated from the trenches of the organization itself. It may require a revamping of the complete process and the removal of people, whom go along to get along instead of performing their job. Why not allow the military, itself to treat its own as if they were still active in the military. Every approved applicant veteran to receive a military health care identification card, along with the military to acquisition the VA medical facilities in the community as military grounds.

Final Thought: Politicians and political columnist can debate all day long about the release of a prisoner, but one fact remains some obviously clear. If it was their son or daughter being held in captivity with a sword to their throats, the outcry for a response to do anything would be enormous. I am surprised the debate of gun control, hence the California college shooting have gone on deaf ears for gun activist. Of course the debate for mental disease regulations are forever climbing. The question I ask: How do you know when the human brain has had enough conflict in its life to snap or be declared mental. I mentioned in a story last year, regarding the human emotional button. Every person has that button and once its pushed too many times, its might be hard to unstick the button from the chaos. The trance of seeing red and only blood in the wake of countless victims being injured or even killed. We as a people must try to protect each other and treat each other as we would want to be treated. Perhaps in time, even if we become disappointed about a situation, a person can say, at least they heard my voice and addressed my concerns to the utmost of their ability. Treatment of peace toward others always diffuses the reaction of pain and hurt.

Written by J-S 

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